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Department of Religious Studies
Duke University


Mark Goodacre
Duke University
Department of Religious Studies
Gray Bldg./Box 90964
Durham, NC 27708-0964

Phone: 919-660-3503
Fax: 919-660-3530

Last updated on:
16 June 2020

© 2020 Mark Goodacre

Mark Goodacre: Media Consultancy and Participation

Jesus: His Life, History, series consultant and participant: Eight episodes, 2019 [IMDb]

Finding Jesus, CNN, series consultant and participant: Season 1 (2015) and Season 2 (2017) [IMDb]

The Jesus Mysteries, National Geographic Channel documentary, participant, broadcast internationally in April 2014 [IMDb]

Bible Secrets Revealed, six part History Channel documentary series, participant, broadcast in November-December 2013 [IMDb]

The Bible, ten part History Channel drama executive produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, consultant, broadcast across five weeks beginning 3 March 2013 (NT Blog on The Bible Series) [IMDb]

Dvine Women, BBC2, Bettany Hughes, Consultant on episode 2, "The Handmaids of God", April 2012

The Bible: A History, seven part Channel 4 series made by Pioneer Productions, series consultant, broadcast 2010; Channel 4 site; Pioneer Productions site.

The Passion, BBC / HBO co-production, (series consultant; 5 part dramatization of the the Passion narrative), broadcast Easter 2008 (BBC1), not yet broadcast on HBO; BBC website; BBC Press Release; DVD (BBC Shop); DVD (Amazon); my blog comments

Silverscreen Beats, BBC Radio 4 (five part series, 3-7 July 2006, major contributor); BBC site

In the Footsteps of Jesus, BBC Radio 4 (4 part documentary series, produced by Phil Pegum, consultant & participant, first broadcast November-December 2005); Press Release; BBC site and Listen Again

BBC / Discovery Channel, The Real Family of Jesus (dir. Anna Cox, participant), Easter 2005

BBC Radio 4, Beyond Belief (discussion on Gnosticism, 7 March 2005)

Channel 4, Who Wrote the Bible? (Diverse Productions, 25 December 2004; 8.30 pm); IMDb; watch on Youtube

BBC Radio 2, The Good Book (6 part series narrated by Sir Derek Jacobi; November - December 2003; consultant and participant); listen to episodes: Jesus; Paul

BBC Radio Scotland, Silverscreen Superstar (Easter special with Davey Scott on the Jesus films, April 2004; major contributor)

BBC Radio 4, Beyond Belief (discussion on Jesus, 25 August 2003) 

BBC1, St Paul (historical consultant and participant, broadcast 29 June 2003; also on Discovery Channel); BBC Press Release

BBC1, The Virgin Mary (participant, broadcast 22 December 2002; on Discovery Channel as Mary, Mother of Jesus); BBC Press Release; related BBC website

BBC FiveLive, The Real Jesus Christ (participant, broadcast 25 December 2002)  [click on link to listen]

BBC Radio 4, Beyond Belief (discussion on prophecy, 30 September 2002) 

BBC Radio 4, Beyond Belief (discussion on the resurrection, 25 March 2002)

BBC Radio 4, In the Footsteps of St Paul (6 part documentary series, produced by Phil Pegum, consultant & participant, first broadcast Lent 2002); related BBC website

BBC TV / Discovery: Son of God (dir. Jean Claude Bragard; BBC1, Easter 2001, consultant (uncredited) and participant; American version, Jesus the Complete Story) (IMDb, UK version, IMDb, US version)

ITV Series, The Apostles (ten part documentary series made by CCTV; participant; 2001)

BBC Radio 2: Behold the Man (documentary series narrated by Sir Derek Jacobi; broadcast November-December 2000, Consultant)

Channel 4, The Real Jesus Christ (dir. Patrick McGrady, 1999, participant)

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