The Case Against Q
Studies in Markan Priority and the Synoptic Problem
Mark Goodacre

Harrisburg, PA: Trinity Press International, 2002

The standard solution to the Synoptic Problem supposes that Matthew and Luke made independent use not only of Mark but also of another source, now lost, called 'Q'. But in The Case Against Q Mark Goodacre combines a strong affirmation of Markan Priority with a careful and detailed critique of the Q hypothesis, giving fresh perspectives on the evidence drawn not only from traditional methods but also from contemporary scholarly approaches. In an invigorating and imaginative approach to one of the most important issues in New Testament scholarship, Goodacre paints a plausible picture of Synoptic interrelationships in a bid to renew discussions about Christian origins.

The Case Against Q, by Mark Goodacre
Welcome to the companion site for The Case Against Q, published by Trinity Press International in March 2002. Now available!. This site provides details about the book and a wealth of supplementary materials.

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