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The Case Against Q
Introductory Bibliography

The most important thing is to spend some time studying the Synoptic texts, preferably in Greek. Links to on-line Synopses and Synoptic texts are available from this link to The Gospels and Acts page on The New Testament Gateway. It is also important to read the secondary literature as widely as possible. Some of this material is available on-line; follow the links below. I have also included links to on-line information on other titles wherever possible. See also other useful Synoptic Problem and Q links on The New Testament Gateway. For those requiring some introductory material on the synoptic problem, and for those wanting further and fuller bibliography on other aspects of the synoptic problem, see Stephen Carlson's Synoptic Problem Bibliography.

These are the most important books and articles that expound the Farrer Hypothesis (priority of Mark; no Q):

This is a selection of some of the most important attempts to defend the Q hypothesis against its critics

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