Matt. 3.13-17 Mark 1.9-11 Luke 3.21-22

Jesus came from
Galilee to the Jordan to
John to be baptised by
him.  But John prevented him,
saying, ‘I need to be baptised
by you, and yet you come
to me?’  And Jesus answered
him, ‘Let it be so now; for
thus it is fitting for us to
fulfil all righteousness’. Then
he allowed him. 
And when Jesus
had been baptised,

he arose immediately
from the water; and
behold, the heavens
were opened to him and
he saw the spirit of God
like a dove and coming
upon him; and behold a
voice from the heavens
saying, ‘This is my
beloved son, in whom I
am well pleased.

And it came to pass in
those days that

Jesus came from Nazareth in

was baptised in the
Jordan by John.  And
immediately, having
arisen from the water,
he  saw the heavens
torn apart and
the spirit as a dove

into him.  And a
voice came from the heavens,
‘You are my
beloved son, in whom I
am well pleased.’

And it came to pass that
while all the people
were being baptised,
Jesus also

having been baptised
was praying, and
the heaven
was  opened and
the holy spirit
descended in bodily
form as a dove
upon him, and there came a
voice from heaven,
‘You are my
beloved son, in whom I
am well pleased.’

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